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Zero Gravity Rocks!

No special effects, wires, or green screens were used to produce the floating laptops and flight attendants in OK Go’s latest music video, “Inside Out, Upside Down.”
Instead, the band used…. PHYSICS!

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Watch This: Minute Physics

If you’re in need of a little physics to spice up your day (aren’t we all?), we highly recommend checking out Minute Physics, a delightful series of brief – all under 2 minutes – videos that have been gaining popularity in the blogosphere. The YouTube channel, which is updated weekly with topics ranging from wave/particle duality to the reasons why fire looks the way it does, was created just four months ago by physicist-turned-filmmaker Henry Reich and has since amassed over 1 million views.

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Joy Barrett

Chemical Engineer

Joy Barrett is a senior working on a double major in chemical engineering and physics at Tuskegee University. Her focus is environmental engineering. Outside of class, she does community service and mentors local high school students.

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