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Joy Barrett

51_profile Chemical Engineer

Joy Barrett is a senior working on a double major in chemical engineering and physics at Tuskegee University. Her focus is environmental engineering. Outside of class, she does community service and mentors local high school students.

You might not always see engineers, but they work in almost every company. My dad is a mechanical engineer, and he always used to take me up to his jobs to see what he worked on. I was one of those kids who would take things apart and put them back together. I didn’t know what that meant as a little girl, but I see that that was my first step into engineering. This past summer, I worked as a chemist for a nuclear company. I got to see engineers at work using what I’m going to school for. That gives me hope to keep striving. People look at engineering as one of the hardest majors. And I’m always letting them know that as long as you put your heart and mind into something, anything can be accomplished. Just like there’s always a need for a doctor, there’s always a need for an engineer.

Watch eGFI’s interview with Joy Barret here:

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