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Mythbusting at Wabash College


Sometimes introductory college courses can be a snooze, but a professor at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana is now making sure that isn’t the case. Martin Madsen’s Physics 105 class takes a cue from the popular Discovery Channel show Mythbusters and ditches textbooks and lab reports in favor of something more fun: smashing stuff. Instead of purchasing books, students buy a video camera and record their own myth-busting experiments.

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Alabama STEM Education Program (AMRDEC)

AMRDECIn respect to the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to the future economic well-being of the nation, and the declining numbers of students (US citizens) choosing STEM professions, the Department of Defense (DOD) through the National Defense Education Program (NDEP) has initiated programs to develop and implement strategies to further enhance STEM education efforts in various geographic areas across our nation.

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Missouri Academy for Youth Advancement at Missouri University of Science and Technology

MAYAMAYA is a summer school academic program designed for young, high-achieving students eager to earn advanced credits and learn in an accelerated and immersed academic environment. These concentrated programs are meant to further students’ knowledge in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computing.

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Intro to Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology

INTROCome see how your math and science talents can pave the way for a rewarding career in engineering!

Deciding on an engineering career can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure exactly what being an engineer involves. Whether building blast resistant buildings, producing clean energy, designing components for automobiles, or a wide variety of other engineering jobs this program was developed to give high school juniors and seniors first-hand knowledge of what engineers actually do. The “Intro” course will help you understand how mathematics and the sciences relate to engineering, and if engineering is a career choice for you.

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PathAssess at Junior Engineering Technical Society

JETSThe JETS PathAssess™ is an online tool that gives students in grades 9-12 an inside look as to how their interests and skills can align with a career in engineering.

Through a series of demographic and interest inventory questions, students will receive a personalized profile that gives them a glimpse into the types of engineering careers they may wish to pursue.

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