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Alabama STEM Education Program (AMRDEC)

AMRDECIn respect to the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to the future economic well-being of the nation, and the declining numbers of students (US citizens) choosing STEM professions, the Department of Defense (DOD) through the National Defense Education Program (NDEP) has initiated programs to develop and implement strategies to further enhance STEM education efforts in various geographic areas across our nation. The Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) is the Lead coordinator for Army laboratory participation under this DOD STEM education initiative. The U.S. Army Aviation Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) at Redstone Arsenal, AL has been asked to support DOD STEM Education initiatives for the states of Alabama and Tennessee. An Education Partnership Agreement (EPA) was initiated last fall in recognition of the importance of identifying partnering opportunities for the United States Army Research Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) and the Alabama Department of Education to further enhance scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematic endeavors. Specifically, this initiative will include the following programs and opportunities:

1. Scientist & Engineers in the Classroom – Army scientists, and engineers will bring specialized knowledge and in-depth scientific content into the classroom. In collaboration with teachers, demonstrations and hands-on activities will enhance the science curriculum, increase science awareness among students, stimulate scientific thinking and put a human face on the scientific community. This program well be available for students in Grades 5-12. Technical topics will vary based upon the unique capabilities and talents of the individual scientist/engineer. The demonstrations and hands-on activities will include National Defense Education Program (NDEP) sponsored STEM Learning Modules (SLM). SLM provide hands-on inquiry based methods to teach Materials Science and inspire students to pursue Science and Engineering careers. These SLM may be incorporated in curricula as the teacher sees fit. The modules will remain the property of the Department of Defense and will be used by the Government in sustaining this program.

2. Junior/Senior High School Science and Technology Alliance – Army scientists, and engineers will team with teachers to produce short presentations connecting a curriculum unit to recent research and new technology. Presentations are recorded and made available to schools across the nation. This presents an excellent opportunity for enrichment extension of a specific topic and brings a real-life context to math and science classes.

3. STEM Career Awareness and Mentoring Program – Listening to a real scientist describe his/her work is invaluable in helping students make informed decisions about career paths. Career day presentations at the 5-12 grade level help to tie together and complement all of the other program elements. AMRDEC will plan, and schedule periodic presentations to elementary school students to inspire wonder and curiosity while allowing scientist or engineers to share their passion and enthusiasm for science. This program’s focus is to cultivate excitement about science/engineering professions, and promote academic and career advice and assistance to students. Arrangements for such visits will be made in advance so as to insure that they will complement the regular activities of participating school districts.

4. Professional Development Workshops for Teachers – RDECOM facilitates a wide range of teacher professional development opportunities for science teachers throughout the school year. Each workshop has two leaders: a scientist to provide relevant content and in-depth subject knowledge, and an experienced educator to ensure that activities and materials are grade appropriate and practical to the classroom or field trip setting.

Administration Department of Defense:

Gayla Turner McMichael, STEM Education Coordinator, Building 7804, Room 140, Redstone, Arsenal, AL 35898, 256-876-2789,

Alabama Department of Education:

Steve Ricks, Director, Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative, Alabama Department of Education, Room 3323, Gordon Persons Building, 50 North Ripley Street, Montgomery, AL 36104, 334-353-9151,

Gayla Turner McMichael, STEM Education Coordinator
AMSRD-AMR-WS (Buidling 7804 Room 140)
Redstone Arsenal
AL, 35816

Contact: Gayla Turner McMichael, STEM Education Coordinator
Grade Level: K-12, Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Discipline: Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Technology, Computers

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