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Zero Gravity Rocks!

No special effects, wires, or green screens were used to produce the floating laptops and flight attendants in OK Go’s latest music video, “Inside Out, Upside Down.”
Instead, the band used…. PHYSICS!

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Talk to the Hand

voice synthesizerWhat’s in a voice? A new gesture-to-speech synthesizer developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia adds emotion to words that text-to-speech technologies now voice only in a monotone. It also translates gestures into music.

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And Now: The Flame Throwing Trombone

Hot on the heels of the Jet Engine Schoolbus, it’s the next crazy DIY project: The Flamethrower Trombone!

Johnathan Crawford (also known by his YouTube username “Pyro”), gives a brief rundown of how he made this fantastical instrument (but not why), followed of course by an explosive demonstration.

Don’t try this at home, kids.

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David Ramsay

Electrical and Biomedical Engineerdavid-ramsay

I want people to be able to express themselves musically.  In the fall I will be attending the Dublin Institute of Technology, as a recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, to build an interface that will allow a disabled person to play a musical synthesizer.

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Video: Animusic: Instruments of the Future

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