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Watch This: Minute Physics

If you’re in need of a little physics to spice up your day (aren’t we all?), we highly recommend checking out Minute Physics, a delightful series of brief – all under 2 minutes – videos that have been gaining popularity in the blogosphere. The YouTube channel, which is updated weekly with topics ranging from wave/particle duality to the reasons why fire looks the way it does, was created just four months ago by physicist-turned-filmmaker Henry Reich and has since amassed over 1 million views.

The latest Minute Physics video features a guest narrator – Nobel prizewinning physicist Sean Carrol – on dark energy and the expansion of the universe:

This video, entitled What is Fire?, is fantastic as well:

Want more cool videos that double as homework helpers? See Khan Academy and Vi Hart’s awesome math doodles.

One Response to “Watch This: Minute Physics”

  1. Couldn’t believe Minute Physics also can be so ..funny.

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