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DIY Magnetic Silly Putty

Would you like your silly putty to be able to stick to the fridge, eat magnets, and creepily ooze without your assistance? If so, you should definitely check out this DIY activity from Instructables.

Silly putty was invented by accident when James Wright, a Scottish engineer working for General Electric, mixed silicone oil with boric acid in an attempt to make artificial rubber. By 1949 the bouncing putty was packaged and sold as a toy, and was met with instant popularity.

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JC Kennedy

Chemical Engineer

This summer I am working as a marketing intern for Lilly Pulitzer. Engineering is all about solving problems, being creative, and collaborating with others, and those skills can be applied to clothing development as well as pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology.

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Coffee That’s Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, But Just Right

People in the United States consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, and many often face the dilemma of either scalding one’s mouth with coffee that is too hot or waiting… and waiting… for it to cool to proper temperature.

In order to keep coffee at a perfect 140 degrees Fahrenheit, two 20-something mechanical engineers who were childhood friends have designed bean-shaped steel shells called Coffee Joulies that cool down coffee and keep it at a warm, drinkable temperature for up to five hours.

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Houses Could be Powered by Artificial Leaves

Scientists may have created an affordable solution for those who live without electricity.

The invention is an artificial leaf, and it is powered by an advanced solar cell that mimics photosynthesis (the process green plants use to convert sunlight and water into energy.)

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Beams of Electricity to Extinguish Fires

It is common knowledge that electricity can cause fires, but can electricity help fight fires as well?

Harvard scientists have created a unique device that can shoot beams of electricity and instantly extinguish flames.

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