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High-tech Fibers

What do Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga have in common with engineering? All belt out chart-topping singles in a costume tailor-made for a techno beat and larger-than-life image: an LED dress. Wearable technology reaches beyond fashion to lightweight military armor and applications in sports, cybersecurity, and medicine. Check out these fun examples!

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Run Like the Wind

Nike Pro TurboSpeed track and field uniform

In science, speed is just distance divided by time. But in sports, where fractions of a second can determine champions, speed is everything. That’s why many athletes look to engineering for a high-tech edge that can maximize velocity and performance.

Take Nike’s new track and field uniforms — released just in time for the summer Olympics.

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3D Body Scanners to Make Custom Jeans

Everyone loves to complain about the full body scanners that the Travel Security Administration implemented in 2010 to screen airport travelers. But now the same technology could be employed for a much more exciting purpose: fashion.

A new company called Fitted Fashion promises to bring 3D scanning technology to clothing stores and shopping malls in the near future (a similar body scanner is already in use at a mall in Philadelphia). Customers need only to step inside a scanning booth for about 30 seconds, where a white light captures over 400 distinct body measurements.

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JC Kennedy

Chemical Engineer

This summer I am working as a marketing intern for Lilly Pulitzer. Engineering is all about solving problems, being creative, and collaborating with others, and those skills can be applied to clothing development as well as pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology.

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