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Science Fair Dream Comes True

There are garage start-ups and then there’s the wood-shop-turned-invention-factory in the garage where Jack Andraka, 15, dreamed up a prize-winning science fair project that could change how cancer is detected and treated.

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Meet Ashleigh Hayes: Snow Queen

Engineers are not known for tiaras and sashes. So Ashleigh Hayes, a University of St. Thomas electrical engineering major and volunteer girls’ math tutor, was crowned the Winter Carnival’s 2012 Queen of the Snows in St. Paul, Minn., she knew to deflect digs from her classmates about being a “princess.”

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Bye, Bye Blues?

Millions of people get the blues during winter. It’s called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, and current treatment requires shining a light in the sufferer’s face for up to two hours a day. But Finnish start-up Valkee has a better idea: directing light into sufferers’ ears.

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High-tech Fibers

What do Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga have in common with engineering? All belt out chart-topping singles in a costume tailor-made for a techno beat and larger-than-life image: an LED dress. Wearable technology reaches beyond fashion to lightweight military armor and applications in sports, cybersecurity, and medicine. Check out these fun examples!

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