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Look Up for a Blue Moon Tonight


If there were any night to live up to the expression “once in a blue moon“, it should be tonight. Not only will December 31, 2009 be the final day of the final year of a decade, but it will also be a night when a blue moon appears.

A blue moon is the term for the second full moon in a month, which occurs about once every 2.7 years. The last blue moon to appear on New Year’s Eve was in 1990, and the next won’t happen until 2028!


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Engineering New Year’s Resolutions

Fireworks by Frederik Van Roest

With 2010 fast approaching, it’s about time we came up with some New Year’s resolutions (for the engineering world, of course). What can engineers improve on? What should they improve on? Here’s our list:

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Shower Time!


Forget about rubber duckies – showers will be way more entertaining if you can get your hands on these color-changing tiles from Inventables. Similar to mood rings (remember those?), this temperature-sensitive glass shifts colors depending on the ambient temperature and when it comes into contact with warm or cold water (or body heat).

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Engineering Students Spend Christmas in Africa


This holiday break four civil engineering students from Santa Clara University gave up spending time with their families in order to help build sustainable structures in a village in Ghana. The buildings, a library and an onion shed, were designed by the students and will be made to withstand heavy rainfall. Read all about their inspiring project here.

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Summer Internship: Smithsonian Instituion

2010 Summer internships with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Science Resources Center (NSRC) Internship Program in Washington, D.C. are available to students ages 16 and up. Application Deadline: March 15, 2010.

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