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Science Saturdays at Montana State U.

At the Science Saturdays program, Montana State U., kids ages 10-15 (younger ones welcome if with a parent) participate in hands-on experiments, learn about exciting new projects, and meet the scientists and MSU students shaping the future in Montana. (One Saturday each month, Jan. – April; please check the schedule).

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Engineers Make Best Careers for 2010 List

Enginees make best jobs list...
U.S. News just released a report listing the 50 Best Careers of 2010. Several engineering (and engineering-related) jobs made the cut. The report lists biomedical engineer as the fastest growing occupation, with a projected growth rate of 72% (versus an average of 10% across other careers). Other engineering careers on the list include computer software engineer, network architect, civil engineer, and urban planner.

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Earth’s Hot Twin

Earth's hot twin

Watch out, Earth – looks like you’re not unique anymore: Astronomers have discovered the most Earth-like planet ever identified outside of our solar system.

Its name is GJ 1214b, and it is about six times bigger than Earth. The planet is composed mostly of water and has an atmosphere, so the existing conditions could support life. Although scientists believe the prospect of life is highly unlikely, due to the planet’s scorching temperature of 370 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Santa Goes Green

image via GE

This holiday season no one is exempt from the responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint – even Santa. Accordingly, GE has called on their scientists and engineers to re-design Santa’s sleigh so that the jolly fellow brings nothing more than Christmas cheer to the environment. Features include self-powered OLED lighting, energy-storing sodium batteries, a wireless medical sensor and more. Check it out here, and have a wonderful holiday!

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NSF Presents: The Science of Speed


Ever wondered how NASCAR drivers can walk away from fiery crashes relatively unharmed? Why race cars drive so close together? Are you interested in learning about fireproof underwear?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should definitely have a look at The National Science Foundation’s special report on the physics behind race car driving, The Science of Speed. Videos after jump.

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