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US Approves Offshore Wind Farm


While containing last week’s oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico has proven increasingly difficult – scientists are now discussing giant domes, fire, and even mushrooms as solutions to tame the blaze- there’s also some good news about our oceans to share:

This week, the US federal government finally approved the nation’s first offshore wind farm project, after nine years of careful and at times contentious review. While the plan has been met with some opposition from locals who say the 400ft turbines would be a blight to the landscape, proponents of the project say that Cape Wind has the potential to bring in a new era of clean energy in the US.

The $1 billion project is planned to be built off the shore of Cape Cod in the Nantucket Sound, will stretch over 24 square miles, and will provide adjacent areas with over 75% of their energy needs. Approval of the Cape Wind farm puts the US back on par with Europe and China, who have already implemented similar projects.

Image: phault/Flickr

2 Responses to “US Approves Offshore Wind Farm”

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