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Tree Bombs: Old Idea Revived by Blogs

CLARIFICATION: Our original story, “Tree Bombs to Combat Deforestation,” was based on a report by the blog Treehugger, which cited an original article published in 1999. We can find no indication that the idea ever received funding for trials or implementation. A corrected story follows:

Look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a tree?

In 1999, an MIT researcher designed a plan to take a fleet of old, unused C-130 Hercules cargo planes – originally created to drop land mines – and recommission them to drop “tree bombs” that would aid growth in deforested areas.

Instead of land mines, the planes would release tree saplings, each contained within an expertly designed cone that can bury itself in the soil at the same depth as if the seedling were planted by hand.

Instead of exploding on impact, the biodegradable casing of the cones would dissolve over time. The cones would also contain a measure of fertilizer and enough moisture to ensure that the sapling takes root.

Not only could the planes access remote areas, they could also plant a lot of trees: more than 3,000 a minute, or 900,000 trees in one day.

Deforestation is a serious problem around the world: it damages the habitats of wildlife, contributes to global warming, and results in significant soil erosion.

While this project has yet to receive funding for trials, surely reusing old planes to plant new trees is a project that will (hopefully) take seed.

Image: Inhabitat

5 Responses to “Tree Bombs: Old Idea Revived by Blogs”

  1. Wow am I reading mean we are actually going to do something positive in nature rather then destroy nature.How thrilling and I am certainly impressed.,,being a Lover of Forests. Thank You..Thank You..

  2. Don’t forget how long it takes trees to grow. This would be a significant impact on our world today if we started 20 years ago. But if deforestation progresses faster than reforestation, and it takes at least 20 years for a sapling to grow in to a young rooted tree, in 20 years from now, we’ll have forests you can see through to the other side of.

    We might be trying to grow our first forest on Mars by then.

  3. Wonderful Idea, hopefully those Tree Seeds are natural, not genetic designed / manipulated Seeds.
    How about a little Contest in designing Colours and Logos upon that Aircrafts ?

  4. cool idea..human are intellegent..

  5. i was reading this article but i thought one thing that were gonna help the trees.But i am thinking that what about the fumes that come out from the engine of the aircraft ? wouldn’t it affect the environment ?

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