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New Shirt Measures Athletes’ Performances

For the past week, prospective NFL athletes have been competing in the NFL Combine – an exhibition that tests players’ physical and mental abilities. Not only have NFL prospects been working hard to impress coaches with their strength, speed, and intensity, some also have been the first to wear the new biometric Under Armour E39 shirt.

The E39 may look like a typical Under Armour compression shirt, but it is equipped with electronic sensors that monitor heart rate and breathing as well as a triaxial accelerometer to gauge swiftness.

The accelerometer is embedded in a puck-shaped disc just below the chest and measures the independent acceleration and braking of the player’s left and right strides. The measurements help players make minor adjustments to maximize speed.

If a player is taking overly long strides, then the front foot needs to slow for the rear foot to catch up. The accelerometer can let players know if they need to take shorter strides, as the braking of the front foot causes deceleration.

Under Armour plans to make the E39 shirt available to other athletes and to schools in the near future.

Image: Under Armour

6 Responses to “New Shirt Measures Athletes’ Performances”

  1. This under armour thing is weird and amazing at the same time…. WOW!!!!!

  2. wooowww coool…..

  3. this is some good stuff make some more

  4. hahaha sweet.

  5. wow i wish i had 1 of these

  6. […] New Shirt Measures Athletes’ Performances […]

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