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Ford Uses Motion-Capture to Improve Cars


Looks like the pioneering motion-capture technology that made Avatar possible will have applications that go beyond Hollywood. Ford is currently using new motion-capture techniques to help their engineers design vehicles that are more comfortable and safe. In a recent press release, the company said:

“Ford uses motion-capture software for a variety of automotive applications including the study of human movement for better ergonomics, immersive virtual driving experiences, and virtual manufacturing…[and] to create realistic digital humans that engineers use to test vehicles in the virtual world.”

YouTube Preview Image

2 Responses to “Ford Uses Motion-Capture to Improve Cars”

  1. what does this do? is it made for cars? for the driver or for the engineers to test it out in a virtual world?

  2. The motion-capture technology is used in the testing phase to make sure that the cars are safe and comfortable.

    Recently Ford started using virtual reality to run more simulations. Read more about this here:

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