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Engineering Is: Entertaining the Public


The 3-D movies from decades past were often gimmicky stinkers. But at least the effects were fun, and you got to wear colored glasses in the theater. Now, 3-D is making a comeback, and this time, the content may equal the technology. The creepy Coraline delighted kids and adults alike. DreamWorks’ Monsters Vs. Aliens (left) benefited from new, computer-assisted filming technologies. And Avatar, a 3-D sci-fi flick directed by James Cameron (Titanic) is slated for release in 2009. One expert predicts that 3-D will be mainstream within five years. Then, the technology will quickly filter into home video devices, dragging gaming and Internet surfing into the third dimension. It’ll also open up a new market: reprocessing old 2-D movies into 3-D ones for home enjoyment.

Watch a video about 3D movies here:

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