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And Now: The World’s Tallest Lego Tower

In addition to its legendary soccer prowess, Brazil now has one more thing to brag about: being home to the world’s tallest Lego tower.

Over 6,000 Brazilian children participated in the 4-day construction effort earlier this month in Sao Paulo, crafting small sections of the monument. Around 500,000 individual Lego pieces were used, and the tower reached a final height of 102 feet (beating out Chile’s previous record by about 10 inches).

Watch a video of the tower’s construction below:

What did you accomplish last recess?

6 Responses to “And Now: The World’s Tallest Lego Tower”

  1. What happens if it falls??

  2. this is awesome

  3. This is a nice site and I wanted to post a note to let you know, good job!

    Great article, lots of smart tips. I am going to show my buddies and ask them what they


  4. what happens if it falls??? would it hurt?

  5. freakin amazing

  6. What happens if it falls, you may ask? FUN!

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