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Mining Engineering

MiningOur Earth is a treasure trove of valuable, underground resources, and mining engineers help to locate them. They and petroleum engineers also design techniques and equipment that ensure that minerals, oil and gas are extracted as safely and cleanly as possible. Moreover, some petroleum engineers also work on developing alternative energy sources.

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Materials Engineering

MaterialCombine a bit of physics with a dash of chemistry and toss in equal amounts of mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, and voila! You’ll produce materials engineers. These folks take plastics, glass, metals and other raw substances and turn them into new materials and useful products.

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Electrical Engineering

ElectricalAs an electrical engineer, you’ve got the power — and you’ll efficiently and safely channel it from turbines, fuel cells, or hydroelectric and solar plants to homes, factories, and businesses. Electrical engineers also develop wireless communication systems, develop the latest media displays like HDTV, design computer processors and other hardware, and work in robotics.

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ManufacturingToday’s consumers expect high-quality, regardless of whether they’re buying cars, food or sports gear, and manufacturing engineers are quality-control pros. They’re involved with all aspects of manufacturing, including automation (that’s right, robots!), production control and materials handling.

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Environmental Engineering

EnvironmentalFrom global warming to water shortages, the Earth’s ecosystem is in crisis. Environmental engineers develop water distribution systems, sewage treatment plants, recycling methods, and other pollution prevention and control methods to solve current problems and prevent new ones.

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