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AISES Scholarships

american-indian-logoThe American Indian Science and Engineering Society offers opportunities to members to apply for merit-based various scholarships and internship programs.

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Did the Ancient Greeks Use Computers?

Antikythera mechanism

It is well-known that many ancient civilizations used astronomy to track the days and months, but could they have also made a machine that predicts the movements of the cosmos with computer-like accuracy? In the case of the ancient Greeks, the answer is, shockingly, yes.

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Engineering Is: Saving the Earth


Coal-fired power plants are a major source of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. But they continue to be built because coal remains an abundant and cheap fuel source. Still, a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that carbon dioxide emissions could be drastically cut, even with increased coal burning. The trick: Future power plants would have to capture the carbon and then sequester, or bury, it underground.

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Pure Intentions

In summer 2007, four civil engineering students from the University of Dayton visited the tiny village of Barombi in Cameroon. They were just tourists for the day, on a break from service work in the nearby city of Kumba. But that all changed when the chief there told them that villagers were becoming ill and dying because the lake they depended on for drinking water was contaminated.

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Nuclear Engineering

NuclearNuclear engineers work to safely harness one of the most powerful energy sources there is. Nuclear energy is used to operate power plants and to run some naval ships and submarines. Moreover, radioactive material also has many industrial and medical uses.

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