Human Chargers
By now you've heard of wind and solar as potential sources of clean energy, but how about looking beneath the surface? Earth's fiery core reaches temperatures of up to 9,000° F, and much of that heat could be harnessed for fuel.

According to a 2007 geothermal study conducted by the Energy Department, the New York Times  reports, geothermal power may "produce as much as 60,000 times the nation's annual energy usage."

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Sanna Gaspard
Robotic chefs are taking the world by storm. Japan's Motoman SDA10 has spatula arms that can handle savory pancakes. The Famen restaurant in Nagoya, Japan, serves ramen, a soup, prepared by two giant robot arms.

Watch as the adorable Chief Cook Robot learns to make a ham & cheese omelette - yum!

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