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And Now: An LED-Encrusted Snowboarding Suit

Eye-popping spectacles often require a lot of engineering to produce, as is evident in this latest viral video, entitled L.E.D. Surfer (watch above).

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Artificial Cloud to Hover over 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Qatar, a small Middle Eastern country that has been designated host of the 2022 World Cup, is not known for its mild summers. In fact, temperatures in July regularly average over 115 degrees F (50 degrees C), which presents a serious challenge to the event’s organizers.

But not to fear – engineers from Qatar University’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering have a clever solution. Over the next ten years they plan to develop an artificial cloud that will hover over the soccer stadium and provide crucial shade to players and audience members.

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Energy-Generating Waterfall Proposed for 2016 Olympics

Last year we reported on the sustainability efforts of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, which made the games the greenest yet. Vancouver was outfitted with solar panels, green roofs, and mechanisms to collect and recycle rainwater. Award medals were made from re-purposed electronic waste.

Now, Rio de Janeiro is aiming to create the first games with a zero-carbon footprint when it hosts the Summer Olympics in 2016.

To help the city achieve this goal, Swiss-based RAFAA Architecture and Design has proposed a Solar City Tower, which features a visually stunning energy-generating waterfall.

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New Shirt Measures Athletes’ Performances

For the past week, prospective NFL athletes have been competing in the NFL Combine – an exhibition that tests players’ physical and mental abilities. Not only have NFL prospects been working hard to impress coaches with their strength, speed, and intensity, some also have been the first to wear the new biometric Under Armour E39 shirt.

The E39 may look like a typical Under Armour compression shirt, but it is equipped with electronic sensors that monitor heart rate and breathing as well as a triaxial accelerometer to gauge swiftness.

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Philadelphia Eagles Planning Green Stadium Upgrade

The Philadelphia Eagles, currently sitting atop the NFC East, plan to transform their stadium into a “green battlefield” with a $30 million renewable wind and solar energy system.

Plans call for 80 sphere-shaped wind turbines, 2,500 solar panels, and a dual-fuel (biodiesel and natural gas) plant. The system, to be installed by the Florida-based firm Solar Blue, should be ready by September, 2011. When it is, Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles’ home, will be the only stadium in the world to run on completely self-generated renewable energy.

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