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U.S. Military Going Green

The Army is currently developing tanks that run on hydrogen fuel cells

The U.S. military often struggles – unsuccessfully – to supply enough batteries for troops’ equipment.  GPS units and radios demand a lot of energy, so a sustainable source would be really beneficial.

That’s why the U.S. Army has created the Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System (REPPS), which collects solar energy for the troops in Afghanistan, where there are high levels of sunlight.

The REPPS features a 62-watt, anti-glint solar panel blanket tucked into a backpack.  Not only can the system recharge batteries in a matter of hours, it can also be hooked up to electronic devices, providing them with more power.

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Video: Green Revolution – Smart Grid

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Earth’s Largest Classroom


These days, living inside a bubble is beginning to look more and more attractive. South Korea is planning to construct a series of giant eco domes that mimic the world’s ecosystems while providing a place for scientists and regular citizens to study the environment.

We’ve written about smog-eating cement and vertical farms, but now, green buildings may have the ability to recreate entire ecological environments. Designed by SAMOO Architects and Engineers, the Ecorium Project spans 33,000 square meters and will feature an education center, a wild plant area, a wetland reserve, an environmentally-focused think tank, and a large system of interconnected greenhouses.

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A Superfly Dragonfly for NYC?



The future may look greener for New York City: Belgian firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures has designed a winged vertical farm for Roosevelt Island in NYC, called the Dragonfly. This funky, wind and solar-powered structure would stand over 600 meters (close to 2,000 feet) and house the equivalent of 28 agricultural fields. Read more here.

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Giving Back: Google Does Good


Don’t be evil” is Google’s informal corporate motto. Far from being evil, Google is trying to use its vast wealth to do good. Since becoming a public company in 2004, it has set aside 1 percent of its equity and profits — around $1 billion — to fund good causes and invest in promising technologies.

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