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Artificial Cloud to Hover over 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Qatar, a small Middle Eastern country that has been designated host of the 2022 World Cup, is not known for its mild summers. In fact, temperatures in July regularly average over 115 degrees F (50 degrees C), which presents a serious challenge to the event’s organizers.

But not to fear – engineers from Qatar University’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering have a clever solution. Over the next ten years they plan to develop an artificial cloud that will hover over the soccer stadium and provide crucial shade to players and audience members.

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Smart Traffic Lights Think For Themselves

Find waiting at an empty intersection annoying?

Your driving frustrations may soon be relieved, if city planners adopt a new self-organizing system for traffic lights.

European engineers have designed and tested a system that would give each traffic signal a sensor, to read the current traffic situation, and a computer chip, to calculate the expected flow of vehicles and then determine how long the light should stay green.

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Meet Dr. Pamela McCauley-Bush: Engineer, Teacher, and Entrepreneur

The road to becoming an engineer is rarely easy, but for Dr. Pamela McCauley-Bush it was especially challenging. A welfare-supported teenage mother in high school, Bush was repeatedly told that higher education and a successful career were too much to hope for. Undaunted, she worked persistently towards her goal of becoming an engineer, ultimately earning a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. of Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

After serving on the MIT faculty and acting as a management consultant for NASA, Dr. Bush and a female colleague decided to found their own company. Tech-Solutions, Inc is a small engineering consulting business that helps government and private agencies develop solutions to management and efficiency issues.

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Video: Intimidator Roller Coaster Simulation

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Video: Elsa Zaldívar – Combine loofah and plastic waste to make low-cost housing

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