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Giant Uber-Bus May Come to the U.S.

We’ve written about more than a few creative transportation ideas on this blog, but this one takes the cake: a huge, road-straddling vehicle that operates like a type of bus-subway hybrid.

Originally created by Chinese engineers and set to arrive in Beijing in 2011, this super bus will be powered by electricity combined with rooftop solar panels. It will travel at speeds of 25-50mph and sit about eight feet above other vehicles, allowing them to pass underneath the passenger compartment.

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Metro Passengers Will Heat Apartments
in Paris

Your apartment is heated by the warmth of  human bodies in a nearby Metro station – creepy or cool?

We’re not sure, but French engineers are moving ahead with plans to install the experimental heating system in a public housing project in Paris.

The caloric heat collected from Metro passengers, as well as the heat collected from the train itself, will funnel through an underground corridor to heat exchangers that will push warm air through the building’s pipes.

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Undergrads Build World’s Fastest Electric Car

If you need examples of cool things engineers can do in college, consider this: mechanical engineering students from Ohio State University work together building alternative-fuel race cars as part of the Buckeye Bullet team.

Not cool enough? Well, the team just broke the electric car land speed world record with their most recent vehicle, the Buckeye Bullet 2.5.

Racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last week, the Bullet 2.5 reached a peak speed of 320 miles per hour and logged a two-way average speed of 307.66 miles per hour.

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Human-Powered Car Would Make Fred Flintstone Jealous

You’ve no doubt heard of electric hybrid cars, but a human-powered hybrid? Not only is it real and most likely coveted by the Flintstone family, but you may be able to own one as soon as next year.

With four passengers cranking the handles, the HumanCar can run on kinetic energy alone, and with fewer participants it relies partially on electricity.

How much more fun (and social!) would highway driving be if everyone used a car like this? Can we get a Yabba-Dabba-Doo?!

Video after the jump.

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New Charging Station for Electric Cars

Switching to electric cars has a lot of advantages: it would reduce city pollution, decrease our dependence on oil, and save us money from rising gas prices.

And now there is Blink, an electric charging station that will hopefully pave the way of an electric vehicle revolution.

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