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Video: Oil Reserves to T-Pain: The Story of Auto-Tune

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Video: Making Trees Dance

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Vote to Make Barbie an Engineer!


Over the years, Barbie has had many careers, from an astronaut to a race car driver.

This year the public gets to choose Barbie’s next career path: environmentalist, surgeon, architect, news anchor or (our favorite) computer engineer.

Visit to make Barbie an engineer. Voting ends Feb. 12th.

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Making Trees Dance


When it comes to accurately representing the world in 3D, animators face many challenges. Phenomena in the natural world (think water, plants, fire, clouds, etc.) often move in complex and unpredictable ways that can be difficult to mimic virtually. That’s why software engineers at the University of Bath have developed an animation program that helps animators model the movement of windswept trees. [video after jump]

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Nate Ball: Engineer and Daredevil


You may know him as the host of PBS’s Design Squad, or for his guest appearances on The Discovery Channel in programs like Mythbusters. These days Nate Ball is an engineer on the go, whether he’s creating useful gadgets or teaching himself to do a back flip off a wall (see the video below for a demonstration). Nate received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from M.I.T., where he studied mechanical engineering – when he wasn’t busy being an NCAA All-American pole-vaulter, that is.

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