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Engineering Students Help Rebuild Haiti


When it comes to helping the global community recover from natural disasters, engineers are at a distinct advantage. Not only can they build survivor-seeking robots and provide food and clean water for those affected, but they also have the ability to analyze the aftermath of a storm or a quake and help communities be better prepared for such events. Engineering students and professionals across the country are now using their skills to help rebuild the countries of Haiti and Chile after their recent devastating earthquakes.

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Video: Robotic Cockroach Could Someday Assist Earthquake Rescuers

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Robotic Cockroach Could Someday Assist Earthquake Rescuers

Researchers at UC Berkeley have created another mechanical creature: the robotic cockroach. While it may be unpleasant to find one of these squirmy pests in your house, the cockroach is a natural marvel due to its incredible speed and resilience.

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Lessons from the Haiti Earthquake


Thousands of lives have been lost in Haiti after a major earthquake struck the southern region of the island nation two days ago. The earthquake reached a magnitude of 7.0 and occurred near the boundary between two major tectonic plates, the Caribbean and North American plates. The catastrophe knocked over power lines and caused buildings to crumble.

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