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Sign Me Up: Free Stanford AI Class Draws Large Online Audience

Want to go to Stanford University but a little short on funds (or maybe still in high school)? No need to worry – this fall, Stanford School of Engineering will be offering three lecture courses online, open to the public, and free of charge.

Two professors in the Stanford School of Engineering, Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun, say in a recent New York Times article that they were inspired by the achievements of Salman Khan in bringing free online education to the world.

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Sign Me Up: Tsunami Research Class at Oregon State

Ask most engineers what drew them to the discipline, and crunching equations in the classroom probably doesn’t top any list. Studying explosions, building things, saving the planet—that’s more like it. A growing number of programs now give undergraduates a crack at cutting-edge research—often on socially relevant projects. Want to save lives when tsunamis strike? How about landing a robot on Mars or designing bomb-proof embassies? Check out our continuing series of posts on the country’s coolest engineering classes, which demonstrate that the fundamentals can still be fun.

After Japan’s devastating tsunami, did you wonder about building safer shelters? Students at Oregon State University’s College of Engineering in Corvallis not only get to design such structures; they can test them against the forces of nature in the Tsunami Wave Basin, the world’s largest, most sophisticated facility for studying earthquake-generated monster swells.

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