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Video: Algae as Fuel

Is algae the green solution to the world’s energy problems? Find out here.

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Video: T. Boone Pickens

How can we reduce our dependence on foreign oil? T. Boone Pickens explains his plan for alternative, domestic energy in a 30-second TV commercial.

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Video: Carbon Sequestration

Learn about carbon sequestration, a way to capture, purify, and store carbon dioxide (CO2) in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Video: Biomedical Engineering

What do biomedical engineers do? Learn how they combine their knowledge of biology and medicine with engineering principles and practices to develop devices and procedures that solve medical and health-related problems.

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Class Acts: A Probing Mind

probingmindRebecca Richards-Kortum sees the engineer in everyone. It’s one way this Rice University professor of bioengineering helps undergraduates in many disciplines create solutions to global health problems.

She leads a program called Beyond Traditional Borders, which allows students to tackle specific challenges faced by health care providers in developing countries.

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