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Robotic Arm Based on Elephant Trunk


The good folks at Festo are up to their usual biomimicry mischief again. This time, they’ve made a robotic appendage based on the fluid dexterity of an elephant trunk. The “hands” of this new mechanical arm are sensitive enough to grab items as fragile as a tomato without harming them, making it ideal for manufacturing.

YouTube Preview Image

The “bionic handling assistant” brings to mind the tentacles of a certain Spiderman villain, but we’re hoping it will be used for good rather than evil.


Image: Ian Wilson/Flickr

2 Responses to “Robotic Arm Based on Elephant Trunk”

  1. go read spiderman then consider but dont make the arms

  2. […] exciting field of engineering that continually produces amazing designs.  We have reported on the robotic arm based on an elephant trunk, artificial honeybee silk, and biofuels inspired by frog foam.  Now biomimicry is tackling the […]

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