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Meet Sandy Hawkins: The Pied Piper of Mucus

Inventor Sandy Hawkins

Sandy Hawkins is an acoustical engineer, which means he spends much of his time figuring out how to make useful sounds and to reduce unwanted ones. Lately Hawkins has received acclaim for his invention of the Lung Flute, a plastic tube that, when blown into, vibrates to the same frequency as the cilia responsible for clearing out our lungs (16Hz). This forces the tiny, hairlike cell parts to move in unison, thus loosening up congestion in the lungs. Hawkins’s flute could be crucial for relieving the symptoms of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), which affect over 10 million individuals and is currently the 4th cause of death in the United States. [PopSci]


Watch Bjorn Carey from Popular Science make (not so beautiful) music:

7 Responses to “Meet Sandy Hawkins: The Pied Piper of Mucus”

  1. I have been bothered by lung congestion from allergies and post nasal drip for most of my life. Deep bend overs, expectorants and decongestion medications have not worked well. The Lung Flute will be a magical answer to my prayers if I could find one to buy. I am on Google Alert for FDA approval in this country and I plan to ask my pumonologist for a prescription. I also have tried to invent a mini sub woofer for MP3 use. My method was to use a half wave electonic delay fed to a right side microphone and then to a separate amp. The back sound should then match the front sound wave for enhanced low frequency.

  2. I have been searching for a source to purchase the Lung Flute since the PS article, but only get dead ends. Does anyone know of a source for purchase in US or Canada?

  3. The Lung Flute was just approved by the FDA yesterday and the company will begin accepting orders in the beginning of February. Read more here:

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  5. […] For another exciting invention made using acoustical engineering, check out the lung flute. […]

  6. […] There is no single treatment or course of action. We need research and we need money! Last year was the worst year for donations ever. Please find your local chapter. The link is  There are new treatments such as the Sandy Hawkins Flute. If you Google it, you will see it is such a simple treatment consisting of a simple wooden flute that resonates at a particular pitch that loosens secretions deep within the lungs. […]

  7. Is the lung flute approved by medicare

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