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Make a Hasty Escape with NASA’s Puffin


Ever experienced a really awkward situation during which you thought, “gee, I wish I could just fly away/sink into the ground?” Now the former might actually be possible, thanks to NASA.

Today, the team at NASA’s Langley Research Center will unveil their design for a personal flying vehicle, not unlike the jet packs that appear in many sci-fi and James Bond movies. The Puffin will rely on battery power for propulsion, and should be able to speed up to 300 miles per hour. Although currently the rechargeable battery limits its flying range, in the next few years improvements are expected. Check out the nifty animated simulation below:

YouTube Preview Image


2 Responses to “Make a Hasty Escape with NASA’s Puffin”

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  2. what will they cost and just how far could they fly ?

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