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Kellen Knowles

47_profileBiomedical Engineer

Kellen Knowles graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis with a major in biomedical engineering. After taking some time off to pursue personal goals (including learning how to fly a plane), he plans to get a Ph.D. and continue doing tissue engineering and biomaterials research.

I’ve always had a real interest in chemistry. So being able to combine that with engineering and finding a field where I can do that has been really great. In the area of tissue engineering and biomaterials, there’s a lot of chemistry involved. That’s something I’m really passionate about. It’s so amazing: being able to get a device that you can put into the body, changing certain features of the material so that the body won’t reject it, and working with the biology to integrate the living and the nonliving. For my senior design project, we’re looking at pacemaker leads, which are commonly made out of polyurethane and silicone. Those are two biocompatible materials, but we want to find a way to make those materials release antibacterial agents over time, so that it will help reduce infection. When I was first looking up engineering, I didn’t even know biomedical was out there. The only reason I found out was research over time.

Watch eGFI’s interview with Kellen Knowles here:

2 Responses to “Kellen Knowles”

  1. […] Kellen Knowles […]

  2. Hello Kellen.

    My name is Roberta Martins and I am a graduate student in Industrial Design at Academy of Art University of San Francisco. I am currently developing my thesis project, which is a home care product that aids women to effectively perform their breast self-examinations, in order to find cancer in its early stage and higher the chances of the patient to survive breast cancer. I am in the middle of research phase, and I am looking for technologies that could be suitable for my product, at this point.

    I would really appreciate if you could give me some advices (where to go, who should I contact with… Is there a student center where I could contact students and see if someone would be interested in work or advise me on this topic?)

    Your help would be priceless,

    Thank you so much,

    Roberta Martins

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