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31 results for: cell phone

Cell Phone">And Now: The Coke-Powered Cell Phone

coke and phone

coke mobile phone

Treehugger, one of our favorite green technology blogs, reported on this clever little item last week: a cell phone designed to run on Coca-Cola. The device runs on sugary water (yes, Sprite and Pepsi fans, most sodas will work) by breaking down carbohydrates – sugar – and in an electricity-generating chemical reaction. Not only would this type of phone conserve energy and eventually biodegrade, but it also might save you a few calories!

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Phone Do This?">Can Your Phone Do This?

Think your cell phone is cool now?  With new ground-breaking enhancements, mobile phones are getting cooler than ever before.

Engineers are capitalizing on the recent popularity of 3-D technology in movie theaters by creating a cell phone that projects 3-D images, and without having to wear any goofy glasses. Although it appears to be an average smart phone, when it is moved from a vertical to a horizontal orientation, the image on the screen becomes 3-D.

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iPhone?">Your Arm: The Next iPhone?


With mobile devices perpetually shrinking, touchscreen space is starting to become the next challenge for makers of cell phones and music players.

Luckily, Microsoft’s research lab has come up with a solution to the surface area problem: the human body. Researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon have created an interface that allows people to use their arms and fingers like touch screens. The system, called Skinput, works by recognizing a variety of acoustical (vibration) patterns that happen when you tap your arm. Video after the jump.

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An Engineering Education Makes a World of Difference

An Engineering Education Makes a World of DifferenceeGFI is featured on the new National Academy of Engineering website “An Engineering Education Makes a World of Difference“.

An Engineering Education Makes a World of Difference” is a new website from the National Academy of Engineering that highlights role models who have used an engineering education to innovate products, processes, and services that improve human health, welfare, and happiness. Twice a week for each week from Monday, January 31 through Thursday, July 14, the site will release a new video (less than 30 seconds long) to be posted to the web and which can be “pushed” to individual cell phones. You can text “CASEE” to 21534 to subscribe to the twice-weekly videos.

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Batman Hook Gives Troops Electricity on the Fly

You’re a soldier in stuck in the middle of nowhere. Need to charge your cell phone? Fret no more. Check out this new video from LabTV about a Bat hook-like device that allows troops to tap into nearby power lines for electricity:

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