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69 results for: NASA

NASA to Teens: Game On!">NASA to Teens: Game On!

Meteorites streak through the sky, dropping a mysterious dust. Adults fall unconscious worldwide. To rescue them, kids must gather dirt from Mars. Who says learning science and engineering can’t be fun? Not NASA engineers! They’ve teamed up with engineering students and gamers to create Falling Dust, a free, alternative-reality game that lets multiple players apply real-world skills to save humanity.

NASA to Teens: Game On!">Read More

NASA Explores Brazuca’s Aerodynamics">NASA Explores Brazuca’s Aerodynamics

NASA tests Brazuca soccer ballCount NASA engineers among the soccer fans following the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil this summer. They’re not only students of “the beautiful game” but also of technologies like the Brazuca football whose aerodynamic properties give players an edge.

Photo credit: NASA’s Ames Research Center

NASA Explores Brazuca’s Aerodynamics">Read More

NASA’s Mohawk Guy">NASA’s Mohawk Guy

Photo: Twitter / Bobak Ferdowsi
Photo: Twitter / Bobak Ferdowsi

On August 6, NASA’s rover Curiosity successfully survived “seven minutes of terror” to land successfully on Mars. But it was Mission Control systems engineer Bobak Ferdowsi who really turned heads–with his star-spangled mohawk.

NASA’s Mohawk Guy">Read More

NASA Mission to Make Contact
with Asteroid">New NASA Mission to Make Contact
with Asteroid

An artist’s rendering of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft touching asteroid RQ36

When the Earth was young, asteroids bombarded the planet and possibly deposited compounds that later formed the first molecules of life.

In an attempt to learn more about the formation of the solar system and the origins of life, NASA is preparing a billion-dollar mission that will send a probe to collect dust from the surface of a nearby asteroid.

NASA Mission to Make Contact
with Asteroid">Read More

NASA Technology Helps Tame Bad Hair">NASA Technology Helps Tame Bad Hair

Can rocket science help eliminate bad hair days?

As anyone with a decent amount of hair on his or her head can attest, waking up to a mop of messy locks can be frustrating and time-consuming.

That’s why Procter & Gamble, the makers of Pantene hair products, has tapped NASA technology to try to bring a permanent end to bad hair days.

NASA Technology Helps Tame Bad Hair">Read More

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