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Elyse Rester

Environmental Engineer

40_profileElyse Rester is a senior at Georgia Tech majoring in environmental engineering. Ultimately, she wants to use her training to get basic sanitation and clean water to rural areas in developing countries.

I chose environmental engineering for several reasons. I really wanted to do something hands-on. I wanted to be outside, working in the field, and I thought environmental engineering would be a great way to do that. Also, I wanted to help improve sustainability and work with people. When I first spoke to my adviser, I was a little unsure of what I wanted to do for a major. He told me about a professor at Georgia Tech who was building solar pumps to pump clean water to different parts of rural Africa. When he told me that, I instantly knew that that was something I wanted to be a part of. I’m a member of ESWB, Engineering Students Without Borders, and they design projects with similar subject matter. Growing up, we were camping all the time. We’d go hiking and snowboarding. We were always outdoors. Living in Atlanta has made that a little difficult, but I still run outside. I’m a big fan of doing things outside if at all possible.

Watch eGFI’s interview with Elyse Rester here:

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