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eGFI@: The USA Science & Engineering Festival

This past weekend (Oct. 23-24), some of the eGFI team were lucky enough to visit the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on and near the National Mall of Washington, DC. Between giant kaleidoscopes, robot soccer competitions, Bill Nye the Science Guy, live music, explosions, and DIY rockets, there was more than enough to keep us occupied.

Check out some of our best photos from the festival below:

Specially Designed Boats Bob in Water

Specially designed sailboats bob in water.

Kids Aim at a Target Using Catapults

Kids take aim at a target using catapults.

Robots from FIRST Robotics Spar During a Soccer Game

Robots from FIRST Robotics spar during a soccer game.

A festival-goer feels the hair-raising effects of static electricity

Kids Dress as Rubix Cubes Promote a Contest

Kids dressed as Rubik’s Cubes promote a contest for solving the puzzles.

LEGO NXT-Powered Robots Battle

LEGO NXT-powered robots battle.

Running on Liquid

Festival visitors run on top of a liquid made with corn starch.

Looking Through a Giant Kaleidoscope

Visitors stop to have a look through a giant kaleidoscope.

The EPA Demonstrates a Water Filtration System

The EPA demonstrates a water filtration system.

A Life-Size Replica of the Hubble Space Telescope

A 1/5 scale replica of the Hubble Space Telescope sits in a NASA booth.

Cheerleaders for Science Being Interviewed

Cheerleaders for science pause for an interview.


Photos copyright Jaimie Schock/ASEE. All rights reserved.

One Response to “eGFI@: The USA Science & Engineering Festival”

  1. the boy running in top of the liquid with cornstarch… is it really true to run without touching the bottom? and why does this happen?

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