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Dubai Raises World’s Tallest Building


We’ve previously covered a few of Dubai’s many architectural excesses, which often stretch the limits of both the imagination and the wallet. Now, add to this list of extravagant, awe-inspiring projects the Burj Khalifa, a building that stands 2,717 ft. – taller than any other man-made structure in the world (see a comparison chart below). The Burj, which was started in 2004 and cost approximately $1.5 billion to build, just opened on Jan. 4th – check out the fancy fireworks from the building’s inauguration:

YouTube Preview Image

To hear more about the structural engineering challenges that builders faced with the Burj project, read this.



5 Responses to “Dubai Raises World’s Tallest Building”

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  3. […] Dubai Raises World’s Tallest Building […]

  4. […] Dubai Raises World’s Tallest Building […]

  5. I soo want to travel to that tower – it would be so cool.

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