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BendDesk Brings Multi-Touch to the Office

Think having a desk job would be boring? Think again.

A group of students and researchers at The Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University in Germany have designed a sleek desk/computer hybrid that could make your work days anything but dull.

The BendDesk, as it’s called, has a curved, ergonomic multi-touch interface that allows users to move and manipulate images and documents with ease, as well as play some pretty fun games.

It is sensitive to up to ten touch points, supports multiples users, and the horizontal surface can even be used as a traditional desk (for stacking books and papers).

Here’s a nifty demo video:

It may be a while before this idea hits the mass market, but when it does, the movie Office Space might become less culturally relevant.

Image: RWTH Aachen University

5 Responses to “BendDesk Brings Multi-Touch to the Office”

  1. this is a very cool career that i would do all my life.

  2. this project is sooooooooo cool im using this bend desk for my gtt (gateway to technology) project
    i love it!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks good.

    Did apple help design it?

  4. @tamara same here. @ Kalma, no and hopefully they’l make it later. (:

  5. i like this project, if i could get a benddisk when they come i would be one of the first costumers.

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