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Bendable Computer Screens


What if newspapers worked  interactively like computer screens, with continually updated headlines, photos and videos (similar to the animated newspapers in the wizarding world of Harry Potter)?

Well soon they might. The Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute has produced flexible displays that can be bent, rolled and folded like a sheet of paper.

Not only are the paper-thin computer screens lighter than glass, but they could decrease the weight of e-readers and tablet computers, but they could also be used to create these kinds interactive newspapers. Imagine: up-to-date news, not on the hour, but as it happens. Would you be able to keep up?

ITRI received the Gold award at the Wall Street Journal’s 10th annual Tech Innovation Awards, beating out nearly 600 other entries.

Watch the video to see how this amazing design works:

See an awesome roll-up laptop

Image: IRTI

6 Responses to “Bendable Computer Screens”

  1. i could really use one of these. Espically with comics. lol How much?…

  2. what has the world come to

  3. this is what i’ve been longing for..
    this is awesome!

  4. how about a t-shirt with a HD moving design or something that changes its color in just a click of a button….

  5. […] year was a busy one for engineers all over the world. From inventing bendable computer screens to unlocking a secret room in a 4,500-year-old pyramid, scientists and engineers broke new ground […]

  6. a professor at seoul dehwa or something figured it out first by using geraphene instead of copper

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