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Astronauts to Start Colony in Space

This is the journey of a lifetime โ€“ literally.

NASA and DARPA have teamed up to build a Hundred-Year Starship, an initiative that would entail passengers leaving Earth and never coming back.

In order to set up a permanent colony on another planet, cosmologists suggest sending astronaut explorers to Mars and having them stay there for the rest of their lives.

The modern-day pilgrims would receive periodic supply missions, but they would be expected to find water, shelter, and nutrients on their own. They would also be expected to develop some kind of homegrown Martian industry, which could ultimately serve as a hub for an expanded colonization program.

The voyage is a feasible idea because a lot of the expenses associated with a manned mission to Mars are bringing the astronauts home. So by forcing the pioneers to stay, all that the mission would require is a propulsion system that could get off the ground with minimal fuel and land safety.

However, the initiative could result in significant hardships for the astronauts, who would possibly suffer emotional and psychological distress caused by isolation and long-term absence from their loved ones.

NASA has contributed $100,000 to the project, while DARPA has donated $1 million, and the expedition could happen as soon as 2030.

Would you want to move to Mars if we set up a colony there?

Image: NASA

10 Responses to “Astronauts to Start Colony in Space”

  1. Yeah, I’d go =)
    Earth’s just too screwed up.

  2. I think we will ultimately use all the resources and create our own chaos here … What a chance to take the next step to free us from this world and bring us into space. You need to find groups of people like myself, who are driven by what can be accomplished but who have a proven record of being able to live and work alone.

    Wow, I NEVER thought I’d see this actually happen in my lifetime.


  3. Their first order of business should be to send to the planet any plants and materials, including green house, that could be used to grow needed ingredients for fuel. The fuel would be used for weekly lift-offs to a space station in orbit above Mars, and Commercial “Taxi” service could run between ISS and Mars SS.

    If you take the Taxi service, you must be commited to a 5-year stay. Say you set up your home on Mars and if you want to bring your loved ones over.

    In the Mars SS, have some Meat-cloning facilities running, because let’s face it, the first successful business on Mars is going to be a McDonalds. XD

  4. i didnt kow this would happen in my lifetime

  5. comment to Sam the Earth isn’t screwed up it’s the people and moving them to another planet well that would screw up more the galaxy then, it’s spreading lol.

  6. If that is possible, lets stop trying to save earth and trash this planet! Let’s go to Ears! Nah, I’m just joking. I just wish that travelling from Earth to Mars would be successful.

  7. christa is it lol..
    man will soon become invaders..planet invaders..
    and i hope i’m already dead before that time will come..

  8. I have just read the article (I know, not very recent), and have to wonder: Why? Mankind is never content with what they have, they never were. We are already playing “God” with the genetic code and DNA, trying to clone and create life artificially. Now, we aren’t even content with living on our own planet? This is getting kinda out of hand.

    Now, granted, if we were having a population crisis, yeah, we could go to other planets (deserted, hopefully), and start colonies and cities there, Star Trek style. However, as of now, there is no such crisis.

    I am not gonna lie, because a trip to Mars would be number 1 on my bucket list. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say that I’d spend just about anything to do it. Even so, we shouldn’t already be planning on making Mars a permanent home just yet. Lets focus on making the Earth better, instead of abandoning it for our ‘little brother’, Mars.

    (Also, for those of you who believe in stuff like this, watch “Negadon, the Monster from Mars” on Hulu or something.)

  9. woooooww.
    approximately finished in 2030?!?!?!
    that’s a LOOONG time.

  10. earth is not screwed nor are the people i think. Just doing what come naturally. Playing god? really? we have been messing with genetics for thousands of years. Breading certain cattle or dog… for a spicific trait it messing with genetic. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    A part of me would like to do this but only if i could come back. Figure it would be like venturing into a cave. Its really fun but when you return you are go glad for the sun and to be above earth. Id like us to colonize the moon first or at the same time. Find it interesting is that the moon comprises of 30 percent oxygen. The o2 is in the lunar soil. Nasa have been experimenting with a process where by adding h2 and pressure to the lunar soil water comes out the other end. From there you can seperate the the o2 as you see fit.
    2030 really in the grand sceme of things is not the long. consider alowing the tech to catch up. We could go now but would not be the safest. During the apollo program we did it while taking major risks in the spirit of beating the russians. Several of the missions came close to killing those brave men.
    Alot of exciting things are happening in the private space industry so i dont see this too far off. Heck the next people to land on the moon might even be private companies instead of government agencies.
    Some thing to be curious about is when we land on mars are we gonna treat it like antartaca or is there going to be a New Amerca there? As we start colinizing the rest of the solar system hows is the terren governents going to hand the political aspect of territory. Are we going to consolidate as a human race or still hold to nataionality. I guess it depends if you see us having no polical boarders as apocolyptic / one worl government. On that note can you call it one world government if we are not longer on one celestrial body?

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