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Adam Bosen

48_profileComputer Engineer

Adam Bosen earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He wants to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroengineering, with the goal of developing advanced prosthetics. Bosen is working toward earning a black belt in aikido.

There’s an organization called FIRST Robotics, which gives high school kids a game and six weeks to build a robot for it. It teaches a lot about the practicalities of engineering. I realized while I was doing that that it wasn’t just working with the computer that I liked so much, it was using the computer to make something in the real world actually happen. In this case, it was taking this robot that the rest of the team had built — this 130-pound, hulking contraption — and bringing it to life. That was my job. It was a really rewarding experience for me. I want to go into neuroengineering; it’s kind of half neuroscience and half upper-level electrical engineering combined together. The idea is to work with prosthetics design — taking this idea of robotic movement and using it to help amputees improve their quality of life. I love a challenge, and I think there’s no single greater challenge to us right now than understanding how the human body works, especially the nervous system. The ability to try and understand bits of that and build technology that can improve people’s lives in a positive way is phenomenal to me. I love the idea.

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