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3D Body Scanners to Make Custom Jeans

Everyone loves to complain about the full body scanners that the Travel Security Administration implemented in 2010 to screen airport travelers. But now the same technology could be employed for a much more exciting purpose: fashion.

A new company called Fitted Fashion promises to bring 3D scanning technology to clothing stores and shopping malls in the near future (a similar body scanner is already in use at a mall in Philadelphia). Customers need only to step inside a scanning booth for about 30 seconds, where a white light captures over 400 distinct body measurements. The data is then used to create the perfect pair of jeans for each individual, with most pairs running about $160-$180.

Going forward, the company hopes to team up with major retailers to “revolutionize custom fit,” says co-founder Jamal Motlagh in an interview with Gizmag. With any luck, soon no one will have to hear the question “do these jeans make my rear look big?” anymore.

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