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It Pays to Be SMART

Imagine if someone gave you up to $41,000 in cash to realize your dreams. That – plus full tuition and other education-related benefits –is what the SMART scholarship offers students majoring in science, engineering and mathematics. SMART scholars also get paid summer internships and a job placement after graduation. ASEE invited eight current SMART scholars to spend a day in Washington, D.C., and talk about what got them into engineering. Bios after the jump.

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Watch This: Minute Physics

If you’re in need of a little physics to spice up your day (aren’t we all?), we highly recommend checking out Minute Physics, a delightful series of brief – all under 2 minutes – videos that have been gaining popularity in the blogosphere. The YouTube channel, which is updated weekly with topics ranging from wave/particle duality to the reasons why fire looks the way it does, was created just four months ago by physicist-turned-filmmaker Henry Reich and has since amassed over 1 million views.

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And Now: Flavor-Shifting Ice Cream

Liz Fenner with cherry-flavored microcapsules used to add a kick to vanilla ice cream

Ever felt paralyzed by the choice between two equally delicious ice cream flavors? Fear not – Elizabeth Fenner, a food science graduate student at the University of Missouri, may have solved your dilemma.

Fenner and associate professor Ingolf Gruen used a technique called “micro-encapsulation” to create ice cream that changes flavors as it melts in your mouth.

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Sesame Street to Feature STEM in
New Season

In addition to the letter and number of the day, Sesame Street will be featuring some exciting new topics in the show’s 42nd season: engineering, science, and math!

Researchers have long noted that students who watch the show as children tend to do better in school, so incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts can be seen as part of a larger effort to boost STEM learning in the U.S.

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Engineers Rappel Down Washington Monument

washington monument engineer1

Emma Cardini, a structural engineer, inspects the Washington Monument

A little over a month ago, residents of the DC Metro Area (including our eGFI staff) were stunned to experience what for many of us was our first major earthquake. While fortunately the 5.8 quake caused no significant harm or loss of life, many buildings and monuments are still in need of inspection to ensure their structural soundness.

As a result, this week one lucky team of engineers completed their most most exciting assignment yet: rappelling down the Washington Monument to check for cracks and other earthquake damage.

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