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Engineering Breakthrough Could Double Wireless Capacity

Melissa Duarte, a Rice University graduate student, with a “full-duplex” prototype

Engineers at Rice University have accomplished a feat that should bring happiness to all smart-phone users: “full-duplex” technology, a breakthrough that could instantly double the capacity and speed of existing wireless networks without the need for additional cell towers.

Much like people, modern wireless devices are not able to both “talk” and “listen” at the same time, meaning they must send and receive data on different frequencies. With full-duplex, however, information can be transmitted simultaneously in two directions.

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Sign Me Up: Free Stanford AI Class Draws Large Online Audience

Want to go to Stanford University but a little short on funds (or maybe still in high school)? No need to worry – this fall, Stanford School of Engineering will be offering three lecture courses online, open to the public, and free of charge.

Two professors in the Stanford School of Engineering, Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun, say in a recent New York Times article that they were inspired by the achievements of Salman Khan in bringing free online education to the world.

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