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Student Invents Projecting Laser Bike Light

While both bicycle and helmet technologies have advanced considerably over the years, cyclists still face many risks on the road. One of the most serious of those risks is simply not being seen by drivers, a phenomenon that causes eighty percent of cycling accidents. Short of riding a tall unicycle dressed as a circus clown, what further precautions can cyclists take to ensure their safety?

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JC Kennedy

Chemical Engineer

This summer I am working as a marketing intern for Lilly Pulitzer. Engineering is all about solving problems, being creative, and collaborating with others, and those skills can be applied to clothing development as well as pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology.

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Student Invents Walking Chair

A product-design student in Derby, England, has invented a wheelchair alternative he hopes will give people with mobility issues more freedom, the BBC reported. Martin Harris, 21, noted that current wheelchairs are often restricted to paths. His battery-powered device “can work either indoors or outdoors – a leg can simply pick itself up and step over an obstacle.”

The chair, which can be steered by a joystick in the armrest, has six pairs of legs underneath the seat that consist of 216 pieces bolted together. Two conventional wheelchair motors power the “walking” chair, which can travel at up to 4 mph – the maximum allowed for battery-powered wheelchairs.

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New NASA Mission to Make Contact
with Asteroid

An artist’s rendering of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft touching asteroid RQ36

When the Earth was young, asteroids bombarded the planet and possibly deposited compounds that later formed the first molecules of life.

In an attempt to learn more about the formation of the solar system and the origins of life, NASA is preparing a billion-dollar mission that will send a probe to collect dust from the surface of a nearby asteroid.

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Meet Natalie Jeremijenko: Engineer and Eco-Artist

Every once in a while, an engineer comes along whose work combines different disciplines in a way that is both fascinating and inspiring. Natalie Jeremijenko is one such engineer. A modern-day Renaissance woman, Jeremijenko challenges traditional approaches to problem solving with such initiatives as zip-lines to speed kids to school or The Environmental Health Clinic, where “im-patients” come in with environmental health concerns and leave with creative prescriptions to help solve these issues:

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