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Airbus Presents a Futuristic Vision of
Air Travel

Have you ever wondered what air travel might look like in the year 2050? Aircraft manufacturers at Airbus have, and to them the future looks exceedingly bright (and comfortable).

Their new Concept Cabin, a futuristic design created for the 49th biennial Paris Air Show, features a transparent roof that can adjust its opacity, giving passengers a panoramic view of the skies. The streamlined web that supports this canopy will be made of a lightweight titanium modeled after bird bones. Airbus engineers even predict that much of the cabin will be able to be 3D printed.

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Berkeley Engineers Help Student Walk

When University of California, Berkeley senior Austin Whitney walked across the stage at graduation on May 14, 2011, it was more than just a personal triumph. His rise from a wheelchair represented a triumph for paralyzed people everywhere–and for engineers whose adaptive technology designs have helped disabled individuals overcome mobility limitations.

“Ask anybody in a wheelchair; ask what it would mean to once again stand and shake someone’s hand while facing them at eye level,” Whitney, 22, said in a pre-graduation university news report about his feat. “It will be surreal, like a dream.”

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Brian Wybrecht

Michigan State University, East Lansing

Civil Engineering

“As a young kid, I would spend hours playing with Legos. I loved having thousands of them at my disposal to design whatever I could dream up. In fifth grade, I was assigned a project to write about where I saw myself in 20 years. I explained to my teacher that I enjoyed playing with Legos, and she said that I should consider engineering.”

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And Now: The World’s First Amphibious Ice Cream Truck

Recently, the blogosphere has been all atwitter about the world’s first amphibious ice cream truck, which first set sail on the Thames last month. It was created by Cadbury ice cream in celebration of National Ice Cream Week (May 30th – June 5th). This summer it will be touring UK beaches and selling tasty treats on land and sea.

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Isabel Anderson

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J.

Naval Engineering & Maritime Systems

“I grew up learning how to sail with Sea Scouts, and from those experiences, fell in love with boats. Since I decided I wanted to learn how to design and build boats, the study of naval engineering was the perfect path for me, and I hope to be around water for the rest of my life.”

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