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New Shirt Measures Athletes’ Performances

For the past week, prospective NFL athletes have been competing in the NFL Combine – an exhibition that tests players’ physical and mental abilities. Not only have NFL prospects been working hard to impress coaches with their strength, speed, and intensity, some also have been the first to wear the new biometric Under Armour E39 shirt.

The E39 may look like a typical Under Armour compression shirt, but it is equipped with electronic sensors that monitor heart rate and breathing as well as a triaxial accelerometer to gauge swiftness.

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Aircrafts of the Future

Anna-Maria McGowan assures a flight-phobic comedian that air travel is the safest mode of transportation

Anna-Maria R. McGowan works on designing cutting-edge technology for air vehicles of the future as project manager for NASA’s Morphing Project.

Instead of building actual airplanes, McGowan is working on futuristic technologies such as active materials for aircraft structures or wings that can change shape on command.

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A Computerized Makeup Artist

Should this be your new look? Let’s ask a computer

Everyone needs a good makeover once in a while, but what if one can’t afford a makeup artist? In the future, those trying to improve their appearance may be able to turn to computers for not just hair and fashion help, but virtual makeup consultation as well.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany have created software to do just that, using a webcam to capture a 3-D image of the subject’s face.

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A Personal Submarine

Drivers often encounter wildlife along the road. But what if instead of the usual birds, deer, and squirrels,  you could cruise alongside fish?

That vision is now a reality with the electric submarine EGO, which literally puts you face-to-face with underwater wildlife.

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