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A Robot That Can Swim Through Sand

Biomimicry is back!

By studying lizards, a team of researchers has created a snake-like robot that can move through sand. The new robot is the most detailed model of an organism moving through an environment that is not water or air.

The Georgia Institute of Technology researchers studied the sandfish lizard, which is able to burrow into sand to avoid predators or escape the desert’s heat.

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Event: NanoDays, March 26-April 3, 2011

The 2011 annual NanoDays, is coming in the spring, March 26-April 3. It’s not too early to get ready now.

Join the NISE network’s NanoDays 2011, a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering and its potential impact on the future, by hosting a day or a week of activities.

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A Water-Powered Jet Pack

Dreaming about a beach break this spring?

A multinational company hopes you’ll soon be flying over water — and not just on an airplane to get there.  Jetlev, a new water-powered jet pack being piloted in Dania, Fla., has the potential to fly 30 feet in the air at 22 miles per hour, making it a lot more thrilling than a water slide or jet ski.

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National Engineers Week 2011

Young Engineers

Young students at an engineering event

Get excited, aspiring engineers – this week is National Engineers Week!

This event is the cornerstone program of the National Engineers Week Foundation, which leads a country-wide celebration of engineering every year.

All programs and workshops are designed to reach out to current and future generations of engineering talent. To find an event near you, check out their website.

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Watson vs. The World

Former Jeopardy champion contestants face off against Watson in a test run at IBM Research Labs

It may just be the greatest man vs. machine matchup since chess champion Garry Kasparov squared off against Deep Blue.

This week, the two most celebrated and successful players in Jeopardy history matched wits in a three-day competition against Watson, an IBM supercomputer, and, as many predicted, the artificial intelligence program won by a landslide.

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