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Design a City of the Future


It is up to middle school students to solve one of the country’s most difficult dilemmas: creating affordable housing for the poor that is energy efficient and leaves a low carbon footprint.

The 18th annual National Engineers Week Future City Competition is challenging seventh and eighth graders nationwide to design cities that adhere to LEED approved environmentally sustainable building standards.

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Driving Among the Clouds


Have you ever been stuck in traffic and wished that your car could just take to the skies?

In 2011, the Transition may make it happen. It’s a drivable aircraft currently being developed by the company Terrafugia.

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NDEP’s STEM Outreach and Workforce Development

NDEPThe National Defense Education Program (NDEP) is building a foundation for the future workforce needs of the Department of Defense (DoD) by supporting science and math programs at the pre-college, undergraduate/graduate, and faculty/post-doctoral levels.

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Dash+ Automotive Design Contest

DASHDASH+ is an innovative, hands-on contest which challenges teams to design, describe, and pitch the next generation of automotive dashboards that supports behavior change to help drivers maximize fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The winning team will make their mark in the automotive industry by inventing a new way to think about transportation and eco-driving behaviors by collaborating with fellow students and putting their STEM skills to the test.

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Future City Competition

The 18th Annual Future City Competition, for seventh and eighth grade students, is held from September, 2009 through February, 2010. The National Future City Competition is sponsored in part by the National Engineers Week Foundation, a consortium of professional and technical societies and major U.S. corporations.

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